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It does no favours for a heavy heart. Your words were slick and slipping from the start. The tongue’s stale film of beer will linger long after you’ve left here. Stumble home. Unplug the phone. Leave it alone. You set yourself on fire tonight. A blurry, bloody mess. Your title fight. Spit a tooth across streetlights. Smile through missing pieces for the rest of your life. Two bolt locks on her bedroom door. She don’t hold your hand no more.

Mary Lee, god rest your soul.
Help me fill these rotten holes.

It’s going to take a long time. A piece of glass ain’t peace of mind. Some pretty pictures on the walls. Nothing else to look at in that legion hall. So when’s the good lord coming home to collect your jaundiced flesh and aching bones? (His holy voice, a dial tone). When summer ends. When the birds have flown. Put out another half-smoked cigarette on your wrist until you can forget the way her mouth would curl into a smile. It’s only love that burns away denial. You’ll fall asleep after a while. In your dreams, her arms extend for miles.


from Survival, track released October 28, 2014
Written & arranged by Teethmarks

Jesse Bennett - Guitar / Vocals / Piano / Feedback
Graham Christian - Vocals
Joe Drebit - Drums
John Wellman - Guitar & Bass / Theremin

Recorded February 2014 at Progold Studios, Toronto
Produced by Ian Blurton & Teethmarks
Recorded and mixed by Ian Blurton
Mastered by Audioseige

© 2014 Teethmarks



all rights reserved


Teethmarks Toronto, Ontario

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