Wolves Ov The Union

from by Teethmarks



Twenty years down, you still smell the fuel in the back of the shed. Don't turn around. You turn around and you're fucking dead. Just skin and bones. Teeth so big, you're embarrassed to smile. Stay there awhile. Tack on some damage. Ride it for miles. There's a complex in the cobwebs above. Cannibalistic human love.

They’re setting fires in the filthy ravine.
They’re sniffing pills off the length of their sleeves.
They’re breaking bottles.
They’re looking for me.
They’ll get their kicks until it bleeds.

Plug your ears and pretend that you’re deaf. Shut your eyes until there’s nothing left. In the dry pulse of a summer night, you slow your breathing and hit the lights. The only hell is the hell that we make. The by-products of drunken mistakes. They burn your bridges into the ground. They get lean and they come back around. Crawling up from a foggy past. They drag their sodden bellies on the dew of the grass saying,

“C’mon, don’t you remember me?
We mixed blood and we cut our teeth.
I know you better than you know yourself.
I know the secrets that your flesh won’t tell.
We’re all victims. We’re all the same.
Spent years straining on the length of our chains.
It’s no one’s fault. It’s the price that we pay.
Some of us swim. Some go under the waves.”

And the yellowed eyes betray. Deny their humanity. An empty word on an empty street. Yellowed eyes look away. A flash of white and a quick retreat. Broken glass reflects a morning sun. Another day on the run.


from Survival, track released October 28, 2014
Written & arranged by Teethmarks

Jesse Bennett - Guitar / Vocals / Piano / Feedback
Graham Christian - Vocals
Joe Drebit - Drums
John Wellman - Guitar & Bass / Theremin

Recorded February 2014 at Progold Studios, Toronto
Produced by Ian Blurton & Teethmarks
Recorded and mixed by Ian Blurton
Mastered by Audioseige

© 2014 Teethmarks



all rights reserved


Teethmarks Toronto, Ontario

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